Word. Prayer. Praise

We are a church with a purpose; we pray intensely, praise intently and teach the word of God vigorously and without shame. We are a church where glory absorbs reproach, where God walks with man, where we plan according to the purpose of God, where we bear each other’s burdens, we confront sin with the word of God, where His banner over us is love and where we flow in His unlimited mercy.

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Our Beliefs

We, the members of Christ Apostolic Church believe:

The Word of God

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, fully inspired and without error in the original manuscripts, written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and that supreme authority in all matter of faith and conduct.

God The Father

We believe in God, the Father, an infinite, personal holiness, wisdom, power, and love. We believe that He concerns Himself mercifully in the affairs of men, that He hears and answers prayer, and that He saves from sin and death all who come to Him through Jesus Christ.

The Trinity

We believe that there is one living and true God, eternally existing in three persons, that these are equal in every divine perfection, and that they execute distinct but harmonious offices in the work of creation, providence and redemption.