A church with purpose

We thank the Almighty God for His grace over His church CAC Liberty Center, our God has been good to us. This has been a particularly great year for this church. We continue to grow in His grace both spiritually and physically. Each of us was brought here because of the favor, grace and the call of God who is doing something important in each of our lives.

We are a church with a purpose; we pray intensely, praise intently and teach the word of God vigorously and without shame. We are a church where glory absorbs reproach, where God walks with man, where we plan according to the purpose of God, where we bear each other’s burdens, we confront sin with the word of God, where His banner over us is love and where we flow in His unlimited mercy.


Pastor Abayomi Fashina has been the Senior Pastor of CAC Liberty Center since its inception in 2010. He is an anointed man of God, a dynamic preacher and encourager. He is a great leader who preaches the true word of God without fear or favor.

Pastor Yomi is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, MD. Where he studied Government and Politics and CAC Bible School USA.

Pastor Yomi has been preaching the word of God for twelve years and remain focused on encouraging and delivering the people of God from bondages. Pastor Yomi has a special interest in the development of young people, encouraging them to a higher standard and expectation.

Pastor Yomi is married to Adeola, they have three children Tope, Timi and Toyin. His favorite book in the bible is the Letter to the Romans.

Our Ministers


Pastor Abayomi (Host)

Evang James A Onaolpo

Evang Ayodeji Olokesusi

Evang Ayodeji Olokesusi

Lady Evang Adeola Fashina

Lady Evang Grace Olokesusi